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    Growing your business by acquisition?
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Business Integration Specialists

Putting The Pieces Together

  • Thinking of buying a business and unsure of the processes you should follow?
  • Recently bought one and struggling to integrate your new and existing operations?
  • Want to sell your business and need help ensuring it’s ready for sale?
  • Need short term help with specific aspects of your business or one-off projects?

Helping Your Business Succeed

We can help you with these difficult and time-consuming aspects of commercial life.

As experienced business professionals ourselves, we can devise and implement takeover plans.

We can ensure an efficient integration of businesses ensuring the absolute minimum loss of revenue.

We are able to carry out pre-sales inspections and advise on the feasibility of a proposed purchase.

We can ensure your business will attract the best price if it is up for sale.

We can undertake ad hoc reviews, manage projects and help you with the day-to-day running of your business.

We offer practical, hands-on assistance which helps your business succeed.

Actions Not Just Words

We are not consultants! We do not deal in abstract concepts.

We roll up our sleeves and get ‘stuck in’. We make sure your new business is integrated efficiently, your existing business is sold as soon (and as profitably) as possible.

We will attend your business premises daily to ensure plans are being implemented effectively and work undertaken efficiently.

We are able to address and resolve any problems as they arise. Indeed,  working “on the ground” in this way means we are able to intervene before many situations develop into problems.




Troubleshooting and problem-solving now come as second nature.