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Mentoring in business

Your chance of success increases with access to the business knowledge and guidance of experienced professionals.

How does mentoring improve performance?

Mentoring contributes to the success of the mentee by increasing confidence, and addressing strengths and weaknesses. … Mentoring, as part of an overall training and development strategy will boost the success of your organisation.

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What is a business mentor?

Mentoring is often defined as a professional relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor) supports and encourages people to develop specific skills and knowledge that will improve the performance of their business.

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What makes a good business mentor?

A good mentor possesses the following qualities:

  • Willingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise
  • Approachability, availability, and the ability to listen
  • Honesty with diplomacy
  • Objectivity and fairness
  • An enquiring mind
  • Compassion in times of difficulty

Good mentors can remember what it was like just starting out in business.

We have the skills and, most importantly, a wealth of business experience to provide mentoring in the SME marketplace.


We offer regular meetings to keep you on track plus being available on the end of a phone when you have an urgent issue or just need a friendly person to talk to.

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