Entrepreneurs Create Jobs

The UK needs entrepreneurs to create jobs on a scale not seen in our lifetime.  Large companies are unlikely to make much difference, in the short term, and every new public sector job has to be paid for by private sector taxes.

We know things look quite tough right now but, if you look beyond this, the opportunities for people with vision and energy are massive.  Now is the time to look forward and create, grow – or buy – a business and take advantage of the opportunities that have, and will, present themselves.

We are working with range of clients all of whom see opportunities where others just see problems.  At one end of the scale we have a person who is looking to buy her first business and, at the other end, a seasoned businessman looking to add to his home improvement chain.  By the way both of these purchasers are in the retail sector so it is not all doom and gloom.

Perhaps you have lost your job or just feel it is time to take control of your life and have an idea you wish to pursue – then do it!  Or do you want to be one of those people who, in years to come, say “I wish I had given it a go.”  Whatever ‘it’ was.

Giving people jobs is a hugely satisfying part of growing a business and, by creating employment, you will be giving your workers a sense of purpose and the means to improve their lot in life.  Higher employment improves the whole community both in terms of aspiration and health.

We believe there will be government help to kick start new businesses, as we move into the autumn, but you need to plan ahead to get the best out of this assistance.  Why not call us for a free initial discussion about your new business idea and see how 2020 could finally have a happy ending. Call us – 07967 123201 or email andrew@thetakeoverexpert.com

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