Maintain Your Enthusiasm For Business as Christmas Approaches

Enthusiasm for business wanes as the year moves into autumn so what can you do to stay focused
on the job? This is a phenomenon called ‘Christmas creep‘. Any mention of Christmas and we’re

There are also the big trading days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday that distract from making
money to spending it.

But there’s no easy way of saying this, you’re in trouble if three months out you’re struggling to
maintain your enthusiasm and achieving business goals.

So how do you keep your team and yourself focused on business tasks whilst reaching milestones
and goals?

We all need motivation, and nothing encourages people more than a relevant incentive so here are
some examples:-

Business Functions
For example, a team lunch or dinner every quarter may be the reward for exceeding a goal.

Time Off
An extra day or two off work is an incentive most workers would work hard to win.
Trophies and PrizesWho doesn’t like a nice trophy? Handing out an award is an economical way of showing your
appreciation to the winner and, when it’s done at a team event, the winner also gets applause from
their colleagues. The memory of this event can last for years and be an incentive to win it again the following year.

In Summary
As the leader, you can help yourself and your workers to fight the urge to think too far ahead with
reasons to stay in the present – i.e. with incentives to work. The fun can start when you and your
workers have reached the milestones and achieved the business goals for the year.

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