Are you a Creator or a Custodian?

Most of the business people we have come across broadly fall into two categories – Creators who start businesses and custodians who run more mature operations.

The creators are often mavericks who have an idea and go for it and this is how some of the most exciting and groundbreaking businesses get started.  Custodians, on the other hand, bring stability and order to a business but generally lack the fire and passion of the creators.

Both character types are essential in the business world, we need people who have a passion and start things, but they often lack the skills, or the patience, to put the processes and procedures in place necessary to give a business longevity.  We need the custodians to bring calm and order to a situation whilst working on longer term planning to give employees, customers and suppliers confidence to work with them.

We appreciate only having two business types is an oversimplification but which description most closely fits with your personality?

It is important you analyse your own personality before you can decide what kind of help you need to move your business forward.  A good place to start is looking at all the jobs you don’t do well, as well as those you excel at.  Those you struggle with are the ones needing prompt action and there is a lot of help out there, including ourselves, who can take away a lot of the pain you have right now.

You may need help in growing the business, possibly by acquisition, or you are feeling the pressure of being the boss and need someone as a regular mentor.  Sometimes you just need someone to call and say ‘how do I do this’ whatever ‘this’ might be.

There comes a time in every business persons life when they need to move on, either for personal reasons, or another opportunity presents itself and we can help by making your business ready for sale.

In conclusion whatever type of business person you are there is a good chance you can achieve greater success with some help so contact us to find out how.

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