For some time now we have been disturbed to see more companies where nearly everyone is provided with targets so their work output can be measured by middle and senior management.  This is called Command & Control.

Before anyone leaps up and says ‘you can’t improve without measurement’ just let us say we believe the wrong things are being target driven.

A straightforward example is an in-bound call centre.  Usually telephonists are targeted on how many calls they answer in a shift with little heed paid to the outcome of the conversation.  Human nature dictates that if you put someone in a target driven atmosphere, they will do their damndest to hit the target without any thought for whether they achieved the best for the customer.

We say you should start from the customers perspective and review every operation from that standpoint.  You should look at every process and check it works towards greater customer satisfaction – if it does not then change it until it does.

Taking the above example – what is the point of people taking hundreds of calls if many of the callers’ needs aren’t met and there is no measurement of customer satisfaction.

There are many major advantages to our approach including the need to empower employees to solve customers’ problems.  This makes happier customers, more repeat business and – very importantly – staff members who finish a shift knowing they have achieved something for their efforts.

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