Did you think GDPR had gone away?

If our experience is anything to go by there are many thousands of businesses out there who have taken one look at the regulations and either said ‘it doesn’t apply to me’ or ‘it’s only for big companies.’  We hate to burst your bubble but if you hold personal information then it DOES apply to you whatever the size of your business.

We believe that, instead of just looking at GDPR as a burden, you take the opportunity to streamline some of your procedures, reduce the amount of data you hold and improve staff training.

Whilst big companies, like Talk Talk and British Airways, have received large fines for data breaches the equivalent financial pain can, and will, be inflicted on smaller businesses where the Information Commissioner decides you haven’t been effective in looking after personal data.

Yes you can buy an ‘off the shelf’ system that probably won’t bear any relation to how your business runs and the manuals just end up sitting on the shelf leaving you nearly as exposed as if you had done nothing.

Rather than just burying your head in the sand why not call us for a quick chat on how we can help you put in a cost effective GDPR system that truly reflects the way your business works.

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