Now is The Time To Grab a Bargain

We keep saying now is a great time to bag a bargain business and, to prove it, we just did.

We worked with a client to buy a retirement sale of a T shirt company for LESS than 30% of the stock value at trade prices.  This price also included the trading name and web site as well as other intellectual property and assets.

Our client plans to add this to his existing T shirt business and is already looking for more opportunities just like this.

With the economic forecasts all looking fairly/very gloomy there are a lot of business owners trying to sell up and get out.  If you are brave enough to buck the trend, we can help you buy a business, possibly with little or no money down, then, with us on board, your bigger business can become supercharged in 2020 to deliver more sales and bigger profits.

Please contact us for help with buying a bargain business or helping to grow your existing operation –


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