Succeeding in a World Dominated by Amazon

Let’s get the bad news out of the way right now – you can’t sell more cheaply, you can’t deliver more efficiently and you can’t do this with such staggering certainty and ruthlessness as Amazon.

So, what can you do?  You must make the buying experience really fun, interesting and engaging – whether this is online or in person.

Every aspect of your business must run as smoothly and efficiently as you can possibly make it.  Question everything you do to see if you can do it better not only for you but, most of all, for your customers.

Whilst we believe there will be a large number of customers for whom the Amazon model works, we also are certain there are a large number of customers who want a more personal service engaging with real people, not algorithms.

A good example is Screwfix. Much of what you buy there you can buy from Amazon and probably cheaper, so why are Screwfix thriving?  They are in nearly every town, carry a lot of stock, open for 7 long days a week but do you know what – best of all you engage with real people not screens.  You can ask a direct question, see it before you buy it, take it back if it isn’t right and so on.  We know they have an online service but this is backed up by the bricks and mortar so you can have it both ways.

If you are worried about your business’s future, then you need to talk to us about business improvement and business mentoring.  If you really have had enough then we can help you get a good price for selling your business by taking away the hassle and worry.

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