The Problem With Alligators

Many years ago I saw an office sign which read ‘When you are up to your neck in Alligators it is difficult to remember the original idea was to drain the swamp.’  I think this is very relevant to the current situation as many business people are so wrapped up in dealing with the Corona Virus crisis they have lost sight of the bigger picture.

Yes it is important to get through every day, and keep your business afloat, but we are seeing business people exhausting themselves by thinking they have to do all of the heavy lifting on their own.  For example, this week I met a guy who looked shattered and it turned out he had been running his business single handedly, for weeks, whilst his sons and staff were furloughed.  His sons, meanwhile, felt left out and frustrated whilst he ran himself ragged.

I am willing to bet you have staff, and/or family, who would really like to step up and help out – if only you would let them – because their job and wage packet is also on the line here and they are just as worried as you but stuck at home fretting.

Please be aware of furlough and health & safety rules before you bring people back!

Accepting some help is not a sign of weakness but it is an opportunity to take a breath and get some perspective.  Whilst this crisis shows no sign of ending soon, and it is a changing situation week by week, you need to be looking ahead in order to plan the successful navigation of your business to better times.

I mention sharing the burden with people within your business but there is also help available from others, like us, who often bring a totally different perspective to the table because we are not facing your alligators every day.  If you just want someone just to talk to, in the first instance, then that is free of charge and we will do our best to help you find the drain plug to your particular swamp! Call us – 07967 123201 or email

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