We Should Go on Meeting Like This

Most people understand physical meetings are often dysfunctional so if we are to take decisions based on virtual meetings, for the foreseeable future, perhaps we need to see if we can make them work better for us.

Physical meetings are great for humans who like to be social, have a bit of a gossip and so on, but not so good to make the best decisions where, quite often there is a domineering figure who overpowers the less confident, or junior attendees.  This leads to people saying what they think the leader wants to hear rather than what they really want to say.

In the virtual world size, accent, status, dress, sex etc all have a much reduced significance thus elevating substance over style.  The downside is many people find virtual meetings draining due to the stress of many trying to speak all at the same time.  In our view the key is to have a good moderator and keep numbers down to less than 6 or 7 with everyone given their opportunity to speak.

Amazon have pioneered a different approach – all meetings start with everyone reading a written memo, in silence, that summarises the main agenda items.  The narrative, as opposed to bullet points, forces the reader to think about their proposal. The next Amazon difference is, once the discussion starts, the leader speaks last of all so much less chance of everyone saying what they think the leader wants to hear.

We think the Amazon system, or a version of it, translates easily into the virtual world and businesses who make it work for them will be the winners.

Whilst no-one has all the answers we believe our many years of experience, across a range of businesses, enables us to offer insights which could help you navigate these difficult times so, for a free initial discussion, why not call us – 07967 123201 or email andrew@thetakeoverexpert.com

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